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Our tailor-made holidays to Bali – Honeymoons, beachside getaways and volcanoes:

The Horizons of Bali
Indonesia - Bali
Culture & Discovery
8 days / from $ 920
Ricefields of Bali to Komodo Dragons
Bali - Indonesia - Flores
Safari & Wildlife
14 days / from $ 2730
Discovering Java and Bali Beach
Bali - Indonesia
Culture & Discovery
15 days / from $ 1918
Bali, in the Heart of Nature
Bali - Indonesia
Culture & Discovery
16 days / from $ 1210
Honeymoon in Bali
Indonesia - Bali
Couples trip
10 days / from $ 1110
Borneo to Bali
Bali - Indonesia - Borneo
Trek & Hiking
11 days / from $ 2200
A relaxing weekend in Bali
Bali - Indonesia
Couples tripWellness & Wellbeing
3 days / from $ 246
Family Weekend Getaway in Bali
Bali - Indonesia
FamilyCulture & Discovery
3 days / from $ 168
Spend time with your family
Bali - Indonesia
FamilyCulture & Discovery
3 days / from $ 163
3D2N Luxury Weekend Break in Ubud
Bali - Indonesia
3 days / from $ 279
3D2N Weekend Escape to Sidemen
Bali - Indonesia
3 days / from $ 219
4D3N North Bali/Menjangan Getaway
Bali - Indonesia
4 days / from $ 368
4D3N West Bali & Ijen Getaway
Bali - Indonesia
Trek & Hiking
4 days / from $ 220
A Balinese Food Tour
Bali - Indonesia
Couples trip
3 days / from $ 317
Bali : A waterfall dream
Bali - Indonesia
3 days / from $ 132
Bali Beach Club & Nightlife
Bali - Indonesia
3 days / from $ 184
Discovery of Singapore, Java & Bali
Bali - Indonesia - Singapore
Culture & DiscoveryTrek & Hiking
11 days / from $ 1116
Singapore & Bali: The contrasts of Asia
Bali - Indonesia - Singapore
Culture & Discovery
12 days / from $ 1383
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Why travel with our travel agency?

Votre Expert voyage

Expert travel Bali

Matthieu, Bali Travel Expert

Associated in my mind with thoughts of black-sand beaches, surfing and ricefields, Bali is a paradise on earth with so much to offer! I am lucky to live and work for a local travel agency here in Bali, which gives me the opportunity to discover the island and all its wonders as a local; from its colorful and intriguing festivals to mysterious jungles with hidden waterfalls and isolated beaches...

A trip to Bali is above all, a series of remarkable encounters and heartfelt smiles. From your first contact with the Balinese, you will be immediately won over. Then, as you discover the other charms of the island, hidden or obvious, you will be seduced by mossy temples buried in the secrets of the mountain and rice fields like stairs leading to heaven... I am happy to share with you my experience and my travels on this little piece of paradise, nicknamed the Island of the Gods. Take inspiration from our travel suggestions and contact me so that we can build your holiday to Bali together!

Travel to Bali

Travel to Bali

Travel to Bali

Travel with a local agency in Bali

Voyagez à Bali et laissez-vous conseiller par Shanti Travel, agence de voyage locale en Indonésie, précisément à Bali. Nous répondons à toutes vos questions et organisons selon vos envies votre circuit sur mesure à Bali dans les meilleures conditions.

Séjour et voyage sur mesure à Bali

Let yourself be taken care of by Shanti Travel, a local travel agency based in Bali, Indonesia on your holiday to Bali. We are available to answer all your questions and organize your tailor-made tour in Bali adapted to your preferences, travel style and budget. As part of the advantages of travelling with Shanti Travel, you will be provided with a local SIM card loaded with credit for internet and local calls, enabling you to contact your local Travel Expert 24/7 !

Bali, the Island of the Gods

Nestled between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, Bali is nicknamed "the Island of the Gods". This natural gem with a tropical climate offers varied and exceptional landscapes, from terraced rice fields and black-sand beaches fringed with coconut trees to majestic volcanoes and tropical jungles hiding secret waterfalls. Bali has something for everyone whether it be a family looking to entertain young children, a romantic honeymooners escaping for a luxury experience, or a group of friends challenging themselves with treks and cultural immersion on their holiday to Bali. Embrace the spirit of Bali as you take in the scent of flowers, incense, cloves and surf.

Bali is also home to the largest Hindu society in Indonesia which reveals to travelers a cultural and artistic richness of great finesse. The island’s welcoming inhabitants with their incomparable smiles are the living embodiment of beauty and courtesy. Take this opportunity to learn about the ancient traditions of the locals who worship their gods on a daily basis. If you’re lucky you might even get a chance to attend one of the many colourful ceremonies during your holiday to Bali. Savour the aromatic dishes and experience the restorative virtues of Balinese massages while appreciating the unique design of the charming hotels or the refined villas that dot the island on a holiday to Bali.

Organized trip to Bali

A tailor-made holiday to Bali enchants you and transports you to an exciting and flavourful world. Our Travel Experts will be more than happy to help you discover this island by concocting a trip in Bali that perfectly fits your desires. And why not combine your stay on the Island of the Gods with some of its neighboring islands such as Lombok, Java, Flores, Komodo, Sulawesi or Borneo? Each one constitutes a fragment of paradise and a promise of wonderful moments, with family, friends or solo! Don't wait any longer - take advantage of the expertise of our local travel agency in Bali to plan your next vacation.

Shanti Travel supports the fight against plastic in Bali!

In 2013, two teenagers, Melati and Isabel, seeing their island increasingly polluted by plastic, decided to launch a movement to say NO to plastic bags. Thanks to teamwork and an unwavering desire to change mindsets, the two girls succeeded in having a definitive ban on single-use plastic bags in 2019!

Shanti travel is committed to their NGO: Bye Bye Plastic Bag in the fight against single-use plastic.

7 reasons to travel to Bali

7 reasons to travel to Bali

  1. Authentic encounters with locals: their smiles, good humor and welcoming nature will not fail to seduce you. Why not pick up some words of Bahasa Indonesian and delight them with your efforts?

  2. A mystical island: attend a traditional Balinese Hindu ceremony and experience a magical and enchanting moment to the beat of local hearts. A true highlight of your holiday to Bali!

  3. Fabulous landscapes: verdant rice terraces, idyllic beaches fringed with palm trees, dense lush jungles capped with sacred mountains and volcanoes.. There is something at every turn!

  4. Surf’s up! : Novice or advanced, Bali is famous worldwide for its year-round waves that offer something to suit all levels of surfers from beginners to professionals.

  5. Exceptional marine life: : Bali and its neighbors Nusa Lembongan and the Gili Islands are a true paradise for snorkelers and divers. Take this chance to discover the multicolour corals, friendly turtles, mola-mola and graceful manta rays to name a few!

  6. Sacred volcanoes: climb the slopes of Bali’s sacred volcanoes: Mount Agung, or Mount Batur and give yourself a physical challenge that is well worth the reward: a breathtaking view at the summit.

  7. A thousand and one festivities: The south of Bali is full of up-and-coming restaurants, beach bars, and hipster spots that are ideal for a drink at sunset or to groove the night away.

Travel Guide

Discover our Indonesia travel guide

Our Indonesia Travel Experts give you their best advice to make your next holiday to Indonesia a success. With more than 17,000 islands, the Indonesian archipelago extends beyond a stay in Bali. When to go to Indonesia? How to get around? Which island to choose? We answer all your questions and share with you our passion for this beautiful archipelago.


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