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Our suggestions for tailor-made Safari and Wildlife tours

Sri Lanka Nature and Wildlife
Sri Lanka
Safari & Wildlife
13 days / from $ 2476
Ricefields of Bali to Komodo Dragons
Bali - Indonesia - Flores
Safari & Wildlife
14 days / from $ 2730
Tigers, Dunes and Palaces
North India - India - Rajasthan
FamilySafari & Wildlife
15 days / from $ 2069
Classic Indonesia
Trek & HikingSafari & Wildlife
17 days / from $ 3453
Horse ride through Assam
Trek & HikingSafari & Wildlife
12 days / from $ 2276
Horseriding in Shekhawati
North India - India
Safari & Wildlife
11 days / from $ 2209
Wildlife and Coffee of Karnataka
India - South India
FamilySafari & Wildlife
6 days / from $ 1207
Wildlife in Madhya Pradesh
North India - India - Rajasthan
Safari & Wildlife
Safari enthusiasts!
12 days / from $ 2000
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Jeremy, Director of Shanti Travel

Jeremy, Director of Shanti Travel

It is impossible to talk about travelling in Asia without at least mentioning its exceptional natural heritage and unparalleled wildlife. During your bespoke holiday to Asia you can experience unforgettable jeep safari tours in the National Parks of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka to spot the leopards and elephants, or trek through Indonesia to come up close and personal with Komodo Dragons and the orang-utans.

For those who want to go deeper into the discovery of flora and fauna in Asia, we organise a variety of jeep safaris and trekking tours through the jungles of Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. Trekking and safari trips are a great way to see elephants, crocodiles, horned rhinos and last but most definitely not least, the leopards and tigers of Bengal. All the animals and beast from Kipling’s The Jungle Book await you here on this wonderful continent. Bird lovers, don’t fret… We’ve got you covered too! Asia is blessed with countless different species of birds such as the blue peacock in India, the pheasant relative in Thailand and Japan and the eagles of the Philippines and Java to name a few. From snow-capped Himalayas to the rich seabed, check out our safari and wildlife itineraries suggestions.

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Discover Asia – Safari and wildlife tours

Discover Asia – Safari and wildlife tours

Discover Asia – Safari and wildlife tours

Travel with your local travel agency in Asia specialised in safari and wildlife tours.

A safari tour in Asia is an unforgettable experience for you and your family that brings you face to face with elephants, leopards, sambar crocodiles and many others. For those looking for sea creatures, diving trips to the Andaman Islands and Indonesia will have you swimming among the ocean’s colours: parrot fish, turtles, manta rays, mola-mola and reef sharks.

Wildlife in Asia: a guaranteed change of scenery

Besides safari tours, there are many other ways to immerse yourself in Asia and discover it’s unique flora and fauna. Hike in the jungle of Bukit Lawang in Sumatra or cruise down the river in Borneo to watch the orang-utans in their natural habitat. Cruise from Flores to Komodo and swim in the sumptuous seabed blessed with beautiful corals which the manta rays, turtles and fish call home. A walk across the island of Komodo is likely to be peppered with close encounters with the Komodo Dragon. Stroll through the terraced rice fields of Vietnam, Bali or the Philippines and discover the many species of butterflies and birds. Head over to Sinharaja in Sri Lanka or Sulawesi National Park in Indonesia to observe one of the smallest animals in the world: the tarsier. What would a trip to Asia be without it’s mischievous monkeys? You don’t need to go far to cross paths with these cheeky creatures: a visit to a temple in India, Sri Lanka or Bali will bring you into their home and you can watch as they hunt for food – but keep an eye on your belongings as they seem to enjoy wearing sunglasses and using iPhones!

Asia is famous for animals like the Indian elephants and the Bengal tigers, but have you heard of these lesser known creatures? Whilst trekking in Ladakh you’ll likely meet a dzo, a cross between and yak and a zebu. In Bhutan you may see a takin, whereas in Indonesia you’ll be transported back to dinosaur times as you cross the road with Komodo dragons. To explore Asia and it’s beautifully unusual wildlife, contact us today. Your Travel Expert will plan your tailor made trip to Asia for you to discover this continent’s flora and fauna.

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7 reasons to go on a safari and wildlife tour in Asia

7 reasons to go on a safari and wildlife tour in Asia

  1. Asia safaris: go by jeep in Nepal, India or Sri Lanka to discover some of Asia’ most beautiful animals including tigers, leopards and elephants

  2. Knowledgeable guides who are eager to share their passion with you as your trek and tour through wild lands peppered with animals and unusual plants

  3. Swim with turtles, mantas, sharks and mola mola in the crystal clear waters of India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, the Maldives or Indonesia

  4. Discover species only found in Asia: the tarsier in Sri Lanka, the dzo in Ladakh, the taking in Bhutan and the Komodo Dragon in Indonesia

  5. Discover the continents wildlife by cruise or jeep to bring back memories that you will treasure forever

  6. Your tailor made holiday designed especially for you to see Asia’s wildlife: plants, birds, mammals and fish!

  7. Monkeys guarding the temples and cows crossing the streets: where else can you see animals so immersed in everyday, just there on your doorstep?
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