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Our suggestions for tailor-made Trek & adventure tours

On the Tracks of the Yeti
North India - India - Indian Himalayas
FamilyTrek & Hiking
13 days / from $ 2069
4D3N West Bali & Ijen Getaway
Bali - Indonesia
Trek & Hiking
4 days / from $ 220
Adventure in Cambodia
Trek & Hiking
13 days / from $ 1801
Another Annapurna
Annapurna - Nepal
Trek & Hiking
13 days / from $ 1081
Borneo to Bali
Bali - Borneo - Indonesia
Trek & Hiking
11 days / from $ 2200
Classic Indonesia
Trek & HikingSafari & Wildlife
17 days / from $ 3453
Discovery of Singapore, Java & Bali
Bali - Singapore - Java
Culture & DiscoveryTrek & Hiking
11 days / from $ 1116
Ethnic Tribes of Ifugao
Trek & Hiking
12 days / from $ 2812
From Indus to Changtang
India - Indian Himalayas - Ladakh
Trek & Hiking
15 days / from $ 2238
Gokyo and the Everest Base Camp
Trek & Hiking
19 days / from $ 2406
Horse ride through Assam
Trek & HikingSafari & Wildlife
12 days / from $ 2276
The High Passes of the Everest
Trek & Hiking
22 days / from $ 1947
Trekking in Tibet
Trek & Hiking
19 days / from $ 3234
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Alex fondateur Shanti Travel

Alex, Travel expert

One of the reasons I love Asia so much is because of the countless treks there are peppered across the continent. Living here in Asia allows me to go on these adventures, discovering countries from the inside out. Why not book a bespoke trekking holiday to Asia for you and your family, friends or within a small group. The sublime landscapes and numerous off-the-beaten paths make Asia the ideal trekking holiday destination.

From horseback riding in Sri Lanka to white water rafting in the Himalayas, an adventure holiday to Asia gifts you with memories your will cherish forever. Countries of the Himalayas offer countless hiking opportunities including Ladakh, Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal. Trekking across Asia means expert adventurers can hike at high altitudes across treacherous mountains whilst newbies will enjoy gentle hikes across flatter landscapes, each style providing you with memorable moments and experiences. Whilst you may not expect it, hiking trips are also widely available in less mountainous countries like Sri Lanka, Burma and Indonesia where you may find yourself climbing up active volcanoes. Shanti Travel Travel Experts are thrill seekers living in Asia so are able to advise you on the best treks that are most suited to your hiking abilities.

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Trekking and adventure in Asia

Trekking and adventure in Asia

Trekking and adventure in Asia

Travel with a local agency, specialised trekking tours in Asia

What better way for nature lovers to immerse themselves in a new country and culture than by spending your days trekking and hiking through the lands, meeting the locals and observing traditions and customs? From the Himalayan mountains to the volcanoes of Indonesia, to the most beautiful rice terraces and tea plantations of Asia, share the passion for walking and discover Asia by foot.

Treks and hikes in Asia

The greatness of the Changtang Plateau plunging in the deep gorges of the Zanskar; the majestic summit of Uttaranchal carrying their echoes to the ancestral doors of Bhutan; the exuberance of the jungles that reach the edges of Darjeeling towering over the winding valleys of Nepal… So many places to discover, so many places to trek.

Whilst a trekking in the Himalayas may be considered by many as the Mecca of trekking, other regions of India and Asia also lend themselves to hiking. Enjoy walking through more unusual places: the volcanoes of Indonesia, in the midst of the tea plantations in Sri Lanka or right where a plethora of ethnic groups meet in Burma. Jungles, rice fields, mountains, volcanoes and deserts make up just some of the different landscapes that you can wander across and through on your trekking holiday.

Contact your Travel Expert today to start planning your trekking and adventure tour in Asia. Our Travel Experts and beaming with knowledge and have plenty of hands-on trekking experience that they can’t wait to share with you.

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7 reasons to go on a trekking holiday in Asia

7 reasons to go on a trekking holiday in Asia

  1. Mix it up by hiking through a variety of different landscapes, from the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the seabed of the Indian Ocean

  2. Discover the continent by foot and be blessed by the countless authentic interactions you will share throughout your journeys

  3. Increase your trekking abilities with our specialised guides who will help your cross even the most treacherous of paths

  4. Truly explore the path-less-travelled and discover lesser known regions of Asia that are only accessible on foot

  5. Find balance with a unique combination of yoga and trekking in Ladakh for an experience unlike any other

  6. Completely immerse yourself into the country’s culture as you explore and discover it’s unique traditions and friendly people

  7. Join a group with a fixed departure tour to trek and hike across Asia with like-minded people
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