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Our suggestions for tailor-made Rest and Recuperation tours

Tropical Escape to Palawan
Couples tripCulture & DiscoveryRest & Recuperation
10 days / from $ 2209
The Essentials of the Philippines
FamilyCulture & DiscoveryRest & Recuperation
12 days / from $ 2812
Break in the Visayas and Palawan Archipelago
Culture & DiscoveryRest & Recuperation
13 days / from $ 2499
Kerala: Traditional Ayurveda
South India - India - Kerala
Wellness & WellbeingRest & Recuperation
11 days / from $ 1314

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Alex, Rest and recuperation expert

Alex, Rest and recuperation expert

Take the time to do… nothing. Simply rest and relax and enjoy the present moment. Sometimes the beauty of a holiday is in the time that you can just stop, breath and relax. A trip to Sri Lanka for example can involve plenty of rest and recuperation thanks to its beautiful beaches and serene landscapes… Just imagine it: feet in the water, sipping on a fresh coconut, the sound of the waves. There you go, you’re on your way to Asia already!

What I love most about Asia is the people’s approach to life: they are calm, they are serene and they are at peace. Even in the big Asian cities you will find this optimistic nonchalance, which encourages even the most erratic person relax. The cities are home to people with this mentality, however I believe it’s the landscapes of Asia that truly instil relaxation in the traveller. Sit, relax and gaze into the rice fields… You’ll notice they are not just green but rather a kaleidoscope of colours, that change in different light. It’s amazing what you can notice when you just stop. Travel to the Maldives, Philippines, Thailand or Indonesia to spend your days lounging on the beach sipping coconuts and having your feet massaged. Sail along the Mekong River in Vietnam and discover South Vietnam.

Tailor-made holiday to Asia are a great way to combine relaxation and discovery. You’ll get to see and experience the continent but also plenty of time to relax and recuperate before returning home. Our suggested itineraries can be entirely customizable allowing you to pepper your relaxing holiday to Asia with as much discovery as you like.

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Rest and recuperation in Asia

Rest and recuperation in Asia

Rest and recuperation in Asia

Travel with your local travel agency in Asia specialised in holidays that help you relax and recuperate.

At Shanti Travel we believe that our whole life is a journey made up of countless experiences and moments. Some large, some small, but all just as important. We believe holidays are like that too. Sometimes on holiday we want to see the most and do the most, but other times a holiday is there so you can relax. That’s why we’ve designed a number of holidays in Asia which help you relax as you immerse yourself in the destination’s culture and traditions.

Rest and recuperate: your holiday in Asia

The Philippines and Indonesia are the flagship destinations in Asia for relaxing holidays. From the rice fields of Luzon to the beaches of Coron, a trip to the Philippines mixes nature, friendly encounters and paradisiacal beaches. Bali is one of the most famous destinations in Indonesia where you can travel to the sandy beaches of Lombok and the Gili Islands to spend your days catching rays and swimming in the clear blue waters. A Bali holiday will include traditional massages, strolls through rice fields and boat excursions to swim with turtles and manta rays. The beaches of the Bay of Bengal are a great place to finish up your holiday to Burma, offering beautiful beaches to perfectly combine cultural immersion and relaxation.

Holiday to Sri Lanka and add a few days in the Maldives at the end to top off your Asian tour. Jeep safari through the jungles of Sri Lanka spotting the elephants and leopards at sunset, walk through the lush green tea plantations before waking up to the sound of the waves in the Maldives. We believe the best way to see Asia and still return home feeling relaxed and rested is to alternate your free days and discovery days. Contact your Travel Expert today so that they can design your relaxing holiday to Asia, that is still sparkled with plenty of culture and discovery.

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7 reasons Asia is a great destination for relaxing and recuperating

7 reasons Asia is a great destination for relaxing and recuperating

  1. Take your time and enjoy your holiday at your own pace: there’s no need to rush your holiday and leave with only blurred memories

  2. Enjoy the best beaches of Asia: toes buried in the fine white sands of the Philippines, Indonesia, Burma, Sri Lanka and the Maldives

  3. Perfectly combine discovery and relaxation so you can return home at peace with yourself and at one with your destination

  4. Sleep in charming hotels and homestays that will have you feeling revived and refreshed. You can mix it up and stay in a local homestay before spending several nights in a boutique hotel

  5. Feel at one with nature as you walk through the terraced rice fields, play hide and seek with the butterflies in the Sri Lankan tea plantations, and jeep safari through the Nepalese jungle

  6. Have some me time and treat yourself to a day at the spa. You can have a traditional massage that will bring you back to life!

  7. Experience your holiday at your own pace and change it up when you feel like it with the help of you Travel Expert
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