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Highlights of Japan
Culture & Discovery
12 days / from $ 2279
Kansai, Spirit of Japan
FamilyCulture & Discovery
8 days / from $ 1046
Authentic Japan
Culture & Discovery
16 days / from $ 3406
The Cultural Heart of Japan
Culture & Discovery
15 days / from $ 3453
Japan in all its Glory
10 days / from $ 1533
Self-drive tour of Kyushu Island
10 days / from $ 1163
Splendour of Japan under the Sakura
10 days / from $ 1440
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Your Travel Expert

Expert voyage Japon

Yasmine, Japan Expert

Japan is certainly a one-of-a-kind destination! You enter into another world in search of a country, a culture, a state of mind to realize, at the end of the road, that you have lost all your bearings but that you learn a little bit more about yourself. You will understand: a trip to Japan is as fascinating as it is elusive.

In this authentic country, one is quickly touched by the omnipresent spirituality, by the kindness of the inhabitants, always helpful and smiling, and by the beauty which is in a thousand small details which you will discover during your stay in ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’. A trip to Japan will surely surprise you!

The streets of Tokyo, Kobe and Osaka are lively and modern, showing the gleaming, fast-paced, neon-lit side of this ancient country. But it is by plunging into Japan’s countryside, its mountains and small fishing villages with toothless grandmothers that you are most likely to grasp the essence of this land of a thousand faces. It is here, in rural Japan, that one can savor the most delicious seafood, taste the best sake, and admire the most beautiful rice fields. This is where you make the most meaningful encounters on your trip to Japan, where you will be welcomed by Taketomi, Chiaki, Shuji and others, delighted to share their country with you.

Let yourself be tempted by an adventure as rich in its human encounters as it is culturally on a trip to Japan: sit back while Shanti Travel organizes your dream holiday in this enchanting country: Japan!

Travel to Japan

Travel to Japan

Travel to Japan

Travel to Japan with an experienced agency and immerse yourself in The Land of the Rising Sun.

Shanti Travel, your local agency offers exciting tailor-made trips to Japan. Visit the archipelago of 8 million gods, rich in an ancient heritage and a unique culture. Start planning your adventure now and create your dream holiday in Japan with the help of your Shanti Travel Expert.

A country with many faces

Exotic in so many different aspects, Japan transports you from one extreme to the other, between bustling mega-cities, small forgotten islands and green mountains – there is something for everyone! When you travel to Japan, punctuate your journey with a variety of activities: tea ceremonies, the art of ikebana floral arrangement, cooking classes or a meeting with a maiko - an apprentice geisha! For those looking to immerse themselves in pristine nature, why not hike the imposing volcanoes of Kyushu or dive and sunbathe on the deserted islands and turquoise waters of Okinawa?

Japan, a land of discovery

Located at the extremity of the Far East, Japan offers the promise of another world. This extensive archipelago allows you to live a thousand different experiences in one trip! When you travel to Japan with Shanti Travel, our expertise allows you to be referred to the region that best suits you: to meet bears and cranes in the wilderness of Hokkaido, to stroll far from the big cities in the hidden region of Tohoku, to admire the small villages and castles of the Japanese Alps or make the pilgrimage of the 88 temples of Shikoku. The choice is yours – discover timeless Japan between Tokyo, Kyoto and Mount Fuji!

A wonder at every moment

Traveling in Japan allows you to enter a world full of poetry! Here, everything is subject to contemplation: we marvel at each bloom of cherry blossom, the glow of maple leaves, the delicacy of a garden covered with snow or green tea plantations.. Regardless of the season you choose to travel to Japan, colors intertwine to offer travelers and photographers a show of beauty.

This contemplative spirit distils a message of modesty and reminds us that ephemeral living beings are part of a cycle and a phenomenon so much greater than ourselves. A trip organized in Japan by our Travel Experts is an ideal opportunity to relax and focus on exploring and absorbing as much of the culture and landscapes as possible!

Whether you want to travel to Japan alone, as a couple or with your family, visit Japan with confidence while Shanti Travel organizes your trip for you according to your desires.

7 Reasons to visit Japan

Travel to Japan

7 Reasons to visit Japan

  1. Experience a variety of climates when you visit Japan: from the cooler northern extremes of Hokkaido to the tropical islands of Okinawa: there's something for everyone!

  2. A thousand-year-old culture, born from the successful fusion of two religious currents: Buddhism and Shintoism.

  3. Meet the gentle locals who welcome you with open arms when you visit Japan. Take this opportunity to learn about their unique culture and traditions.

  4. Japanese gastronomy is as vast and varied as the island itself. From ramen and sushi to yakitori and tonkatsu – the choice is yours to explore without moderation when you visit Japan!

  5. A volcanic land, Japan with its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire, is the ideal playground for climbers and geology enthusiasts.

  6. The festivals of Japan: despite their apparent calm, the Japanese are not the last to celebrate, especially at the Matsuris (local festivals). Ask your Travel Expert for the best time to visit Japan to see these festivals.

  7. The beauty of refinement: in Japan, pure beauty can emerge at any time and everything is conducive to wonder and contemplation. Visit Japan with Shanti Travel

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