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Our suggestions for tailor-made tour packages to North India

The Golden Triangle
India - North India - Rajasthan
Culture & Discovery
7 days / from $ 895
Grand Tour of Rajasthan
India - North India
Culture & Discovery
16 days / from $ 1732
Luxury Agra to Varanasi
India - North India - Rajasthan
Couples tripChic & Charm
12 days / from $ 3057
Maharaja’s Dreams
India - North India - Rajasthan
Chic & Charm
11 days / from $ 1535
Tigers, Dunes and Palaces
North India - India - Rajasthan
FamilySafari & Wildlife
15 days / from $ 2069
Rajasthan and Gujarat Combined
North India - India - Rajasthan
Culture & Discovery
13 days / from $ 1790
Pushkar Fair
India - North India - Rajasthan
15 days / from $ 1988
Wildlife in Madhya Pradesh
North India - India - Rajasthan
Safari & Wildlife
Safari enthusiasts!
12 days / from $ 2000
The Wedding of Maharajas
North India - India - Rajasthan
Couples trip
9 days / from $ 1395
Horseriding in Shekhawati
North India - India
Safari & Wildlife
11 days / from $ 2209
Ladakh Express
India - North India - Indian Himalayas
Culture & Discovery
8 days / from $ 1188
On the Tracks of the Yeti
North India - India - Indian Himalayas
FamilyTrek & Hiking
13 days / from $ 2069
Authentic North India Discovery
India - North India
21 days / from $ 1569
From the Taj Mahal to Kathmandu
Nepal - India - Katmandou Valley
Culture & Discovery
10 days / from $ 1825
Spiritual India
India - North India
8 days / from $ 1455
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North India Travel Expert

Alex, Shanti Travel Founder

North India is a melting pot of diverse cultures, heritage, religions, and landscapes. Whether you want a romantic sojourn, an adventurous getaway, a spiritual retreat, or a wildlife experience, we can design the itinerary of your dreams. Select one of our suggested package tours to North India, or let us create your tailor made tour.

Your travel to North India with Shanti Travel can take you from the formidable forts and regal palaces of Rajasthan, to a boat ride on the revered River Ganges flowing through Uttar Pradesh. The untouched heritage and wildlife of Madhya Pradesh will excite you, while in West Bengal the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers and rich culture can take your breath away. Your holiday to India is incomplete if you do not tour North India. The immense region of North India is rich with stories of victories and defeat, romance and passion, and glory and impoverishment. Northern India housed the thrones of several ruling empires for many centuries, thus shaping the course of the country’s cultures, religions, and governance.Tour North India to experience its richness and sheer diversity.

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Travel to North India

Travel to North India

Tour North India

Tour North India with tailor-made tour packages

A trip to tour North India is an introduction to vivid languages, scrumptious cuisines and a sacred confluence of religion and culture. From the Himalayan peaks, to the mangrove dominated Ganges delta, and the Sunderbans in the east, to the golden hued deserts of Rajasthan, holidays in North India are incredible.

Where to tour in North India

A trip to Rajasthan will take you back to the glorious reign of the Rajput dynasty, a clan known for its fierce patriotism, chivalry, and opulent style. This land exudes romance through its formidable fortresses, majestic palaces, moonlit sand dunes, and sublime lakes. A traveller can taste adventure in the wildlife reserves of West Bengal, or immerse in the cultural festivities of Kolkata. Madhya Pradesh is a jewel of the northern part of India that is yet to be fully uncovered, boasting temples, palaces, and historic sites. The majestic and sacred River Ganges is the lifeline of Uttar Pradesh, birthing religious pilgrimage sites and Ghats where it flows. When you tour North India, a trip to the iconic symbol of undying love and a Wonder of the World, the inimitable Taj Mahal, is a must see.

The Golden Triangle

A Golden Triangle tour package, the most popular tourist circuit of Northern India, typically starts in the capital, New Delhi, a city that balances heritage and old worldly charm with cosmopolitan culture and modernity. This holiday gives you the perfect North India taster, where you can discover some of India’s most popular destinations, including the Taj Mahal. Visit and experience the cultural vibrancy of the Pink City of Jaipur. Explore and discover different kinds of temples, palaces and forts all symbolic to India’s dynamic history. This unforgettable tour is designed to introduce you to the wonder and charm of Northern India.

The flavours of North India

When you tour North India...the cuisine is a force to be reckoned with! The flavours of North India are distinctively different from the flavours of the southern states, in part due to the climate and availability of ingredients, but also due to cultural influences, such as the Central Asian cuisine inspirations and the decadent pallets of the Maharajas. Enjoy a North Indian feast, made up of slow-cooked meats, thick and creamy gravies and lavish desserts. North Indian dishes are filled with flavours that colourfully depict North Indian culture. Come and have a taste of this beautiful region of Indian. Contact our specialists in North India today to create your tour package to North India!

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7 reasons to travel to North India

7 reasons to tour North India

  1. Learn about the rise and fall of the emperors of India, to feel the impulsive mix of modernity and the old city heritage

  2. Discover the legacy of the princely Rajputs of Rajasthan, visiting the majestic forts and to live like a royal in palaces which are now converted into luxurious hotels

  3. Taste the scrumptious culinary specialties such as tandoori chicken, dal makhani, butter chicken, kadhi chawal, poori sabji and many other delicacies!

  4. Explore the wilderness of different national parks and see if you can spot the tiger, leopard and the snow leopard

  5. Understand the true meaning of Hinduism at one of the oldest cities in the world, Varanasi

  6. Wander in the shifting sand dunes of Thar Desert, exploring some of the remotest places on camelback

  7. Walk the grounds of the magnificently built Taj Mahal, a symbol of love which still shines like a white pearl
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