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Responsible Tourism Responsible Tourism

Alex and Jérémy - Shanti Travel
Travelling with Shanti Travel is a commitment to proximity, respect and fair compensation for local people. It is also preserving the landscapes and biodiversity that make each trip a unique and unforgettable experience. Alex Le Beuan and Jérémy Grasset - Sherpas of Shanti Travel

Fair tourism

We contribute to the local economy by designing trips with locals and we participate in the creation of jobs!

We live in the countries we operate in and work directly with many local hotels, guides and drivers. This allows us to redistribute higher revenues to all our partners and build a stronger and more durable relationship with them.

Respect and preservation of local culture

Respect for others is an extremely important value for the Shanti Travel team and it is always with this very idea that we want to make you experience Asia. On your arrival, your travel expert will make you aware of the country’s customs and traditions We will give you a list of good places to meet artisans, artists and discover the local gastronomy in authentic places difficult to find in the guides or online.

Meetings and sharing

We believe that an authentic journey has a human face made of beautiful encounters, shared moments and cultural exchanges. We are above all a facilitator of meetings with the inhabitants who open the doors of their countries.

Tourisme responsable

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Contact Carole BRACHET
Responsible tourism in charge

Our sustainability policy

Sustainable Programs


Our partners

Nimmu House
Nimmu House

Nimmu House is a heritage house in Ladakh that has been transformed into a boutique hotel and retreat in 2012. Shanti Travel, a responsible tourism agency, actively supports the hotel's activities by ensuring its preservation and efforts to encourage travellers to discover the Himalayan culture. Nimmu House offers comfortable rooms and glamping tents with beautiful decoration that reflects Ladakhi traditions. Healthy cuisine is prepared with fresh ingredients from local farms every day. A small paradise nestled in the mountains , Nimmu is the perfect place from which to discover Ladakh and do sports, meditation, family or cultural activities in a friendly and sustainable way.

Karuna Shechen

Shanti Travel actively supports this NGO which was founded in 2000 by Matthieu Ricard: Karuna- Shechen is a very proactive organisation, located on site, near the Nepalese who are still undergoing the effects of earthquakes in 2015. We strongly encourage you to support them in their humanitarian efforts.


Shanti Travel supports BGreener, a network that identifies the most responsible hotels in Bali. Beyond its easy to use website, BGreener serves as a platform of exchange for tourism stakeholders on different topics such as: plastic pollution, sustainable agriculture and education, to name a few.

Ekta Parishad
Ekta Parishad

Shanti Travel supports this association which was created in 1991 and fights against racial discrimination in India in regards to the possession of land for agricultural development. We organized the visit of French farmers who came to meet Indian farmers, in partnership with Alter Eco, the brand of Ekta Parishad.

Udayan Care
Udayan Care

Shanti Travel has made many donations to this charitable organization that helps children, adolescents and women from disadvantaged backgrounds in 13 cities in 8 states of India.

Ladakh cleaning trek
Ladakh cleaning trek

After each season, Shanti Travel organizes a cleaning trek around a particular area. Our guides from Ladakh and Nepal are among the main actors of this event, reinforcing the respect we all have for this sublime region of India.

Eco Tourism Society of India
Eco Tourism Society of India

Shanti Travel joined the Eco Tourism Society of India in July 2011. This organization, supported by the Indian Ministry of Tourism, brings together tourism professionals. It promotes sustainable tourism and good practices aimed at improving the living conditions of local populations.

Travel Operators for Tigers
Travel Operators for Tigers

Shanti Travel is a member of the Travel Operators for Tigers Association. This association seeks to defend local communities and preserve the fauna and flora in rural areas that are threatened by the impact generated by the development of tourism.

Zéro Carbone Zero carbon

An original and sustainable version of Asia

Every day, you probably do small things for the planet: sort your waste, limit your water consumption or turn your devices on standby mode.

Now, Shanti Travel is committed to a zero carbon program and fully offsets the CO2 emissions of our agency and your trips by financing sustainable development projects created by NGO partners.

Together we participate in sustainable development for the good of our planet.

Zéro carbonne

Zero carbon project

1 - Our carbon footprint

1 - Our carbon footprint

We calculate our own internal carbon footprint according to the consumption of electricity and water, amount of waste and employee’s transport for each of our agencies.

2 - During your travels

2 - During your travels

We calculate the average of your carbon footprint based on a 12-night / 13-day stay including the hotel, the car ride and a half-plane ride *

*We base the calculation of our travellers carbon's footprint on the average: travel duration (13 days and 12 nights), number of participants (3 people), electricity consumption of a standard hotel room (20m2), daily travel distance by car (150km) and half the distance travelled by plane for domestic flights. The total carbon footprint is 2.15 tonnes which is equivalent to 48.15 € = 1.23 € per day per person. Source:ADEME.

3 - Calculation in euro

3 - Calculation in euro

Indexed on European standards, we converted the tonne of carbon into euros (22 euros / ton).

4 - Sustainable development project

4 - Sustainable development project

We invest in sustainable development projects (reforestation, renewable energies, permaculture, plastic reduction, recycling, etc.) created by NGO partners.

Shanti Travel undertakes

Refill My Bottle
Refill My Bottle

89 billion plastic water bottles are sold each year worldwide. A plastic bottle takes 450 years to disappear from the surface of the earth. RefillMyBottle provides a simple and sustainable solution to the plastic pollution problem. The concept: Refill my bottle is an application that identifies all the places - cafes, resorts, museums or shops where travelers can enter and fill their reusable water bottle with drinking water, free of charge or at a minimum cost.

Learn more about Refill My Bottle

Friends of National Parks Foundation
Friends of National Parks Foundation

Shanti Travel is committed to a reforestation program in partnership with the Friends of National Parks Foundation (FNPF). It is a non-profit organization based in Indonesia which works to protect wildlife and its habitat, as well as supporting local communities.

Learn more about FNPF

Fondation SankalpTaru
SankalpTaru Foundation

In India, Shanti Travel is committed to the SankalpTaru Foundation, an NGO specializing in the reforestation of the majestic mountains of Leh Ladakh to the shores of Tamil Nadu and the Sundarbans of West Bengal.

Learn more about SankalpTaru Foundation


Each year, the NGO provide to 250.000 beneficiairies a support in India, Nepal and Tibet through of programmes in various sectors : health, education, environment and social.

Learn more about Karuna-shechen

Almost heaven farm
Almost heaven farm

Almost Heaven Farms is a permaculture demonstration, training, research and resource centre based out of Ilam, Nepal in the eastern hillside of the Himalayas.

Learn more about Almost heaven farm
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